Transfer contacts from nokia to android

Nokia becoming outdated with onset of android era.

Now biggest question is how to transfer your contacts from old nokia to android.

There are two simple methods for it.

Method 1:

  • On my Nokia go to Contacts and select options – mark/unmark – Mark all
  • Next select options – Copy business card – other memory
  • Select your memory card
  • You can choose to remove your contacts from your phone during this step. Just select Remove from other memory
  • Connect your Nokia to your PC in mass storage mode
  • Browse the memory card and go to Others
  • Copy all the files to your pc by dragging the Contacts folder to your desktop
  • Open a Command Prompt in Windows
  • Navigate to your Contacts folder you just copied. If it’s on the desktop type cd Desktop/Contacts
  • Type: copy *.vcf all.vcf This creates 1 file for all your contacts and will allow you to import them all instead of one by one.
  • Now connect your samsung Galaxy SII in USB Mode and copy all.vcf from your Contacts folder to your phone.
  • Disconnect your phone and open My Files in Applications
  • Find all.vcf and select it to import all the contacts to your phone!


Method 2

  • Select contacts by selecting mark all
  • now click options
  • select send bushiness card
  • now choose as send via bluetooth
  • Select your android phone in available bluetooth devices and DONE !!

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