Simplest way to install Windows XP on a machine with Windows 7


Almost everyone face problem while installing windows xp on windows 7. Some get Blue screen with error as hard drive might be corrupted or virus error.

There are 2 ways to overcome this

  1. Install either windows XP mode in windows 7 OR
  2. Make a small change in the BIOS to install smoothly windows XP.

In this post i ll tell you how to install windows XP while making some small changes in BIOS.


  1. Enter BIOS of the computer or Laptop. (Those who don’t know about how to enter BIOS, please press F2 when computer BOOT. Some computers may have different key just look for it on screen). For example
    Enter Bios


  2. Now once you are in bios search for “SATA”.
  3. Choose the ATA instead of AHCI on the SATA configuration. Some computers might have IDE instead or something else at that place. Just change the AHCI to anything else.
  4. DONE…Now insert your CD and install windows XP.


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