Install kloxo on centos vps: step by step tutorial


Recently i bought a new vps to test how it works. Believe me i am not professionally techie but by hobby i am.

So after purchasing a vps what a newbie thinks he need is a control panel, especially if you have used cpanel of shared hosting then you know its importance.

So going through the list of many good control panel available i decided to go and take kloxo as my panel. Well the reason was it was way visually good looking 😉

So lets start with the tutorial



What you need before going ahead is a vps with

1) Centos 5/6

2) Atleast 256mb ram

3) Some GB of space

First you download a program called as putty. CLick here to download

Once you download and open the program it should come with space


Now add your vps ip address in the box and start it..

To begin the KLOXO installation, log into your server as “root”.
Using putty login via SSH
Once you are logged into your VPS, you can proceed to update your system:
Type the following ;

#  yum install wget -y

#  yum install perl -y

#  yum update -y

Once the System is updated is time to download KLOXO and install it.

#  wget

# sh ./ –type=master

Once kloxo is installed, you can connect to ;


default login as
Username: admin
Password: admin


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