Hide IP address when sending emails

hide IPHide IP address when sending emails


Hide IP address when sending emails
There are some instance when some people might want to hide their IP address from others. Well whatever that scenario maybe but many have questions like, can I hide my IP address?
Well answer is “YES”. I ll give some methods in brief about how to hide ip address and some links for same.

Method 1)
Using mozilla firefox, you can install addons like  ph proxy
just click on tools>>> addons>>> get extensions(in the bottom right corner)
and search for proxy.
There are over 20 web proxies that you can use.

Method 2)
The second method is program based method.
Many programs are available but i havent tried them all. I recommand hidemyip.
Downlooad and install hidemyip
Not only does it protect you by making you anonymous online but also stops scripts from running which detect your ip address.
It can also block emails from showing your ip address.

If you wanna know what is an IP address. How you can change it and how the whole process work  well you can check it here.

Method 3)

There are many anonymous directory that provide free email address for sending mails. Also there are some ways by which you can even integrate your own email and send it via a server.


Note: These methods are mainly for educational purpose. There are many illegal ways to hide ip but i wont discuss them here.


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